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The Story of Stuff

I've been a fan of Annie Leonard's Story of Stuff for a while. I don't want to spend any more time describing the video, since Annie does a splendid job herself:

If you want to verify some of the insane numbers that she throws around: among the resources on her site, there's an Annotated Script with references.

Status update

It has been a solid eight months since my last status-update. At the time, I bumped the progress bar up to 60 percent. Now, I took it to eighty because—well—because we've added more stuff to the wiki.

I'll start with the changes I made. My most recent accomplishment is that I "finished" digitizing The biological instability of social equilibria. You can safely say that this article's digitization has taken a while. It started last year, on November 6, transcribing it by hand if memory serves. I did find some assorted versions among the copies of all the old floppy disks, but none of them matches the print version that was published as a chapter in Van der Dennen's Evolutionary perspectives on competition, cooperation, violence and warfare. Then, nothing happened for a while because I was easily discouraged from copying everything by hand as I had done before. Eventually, Popko asked Hans van der Dennen if maybe he still had a digital version that did match. He didn't, but he sent us a few decent OCR scan instead. Throughout July and August I copy pasted the rest of the text from the scans and made the usal efforts to recover the layout in the wiki version. But, I stalled a bit on the figures. I finally added them on the 13th and 14th of November. I eventually had to recreate them all in a vector program, because, like before, my attempts to scan them turned out like shit.

Something both me and Baby Boy spent some time on is begging you for money, the idea behind this being that your money will enable the Foundation to do interesting things (I guess). Throw us a dime and see what happens. ;-)

Baby Boy has done a lot of other things. Remember that back in March I announced that he was working on some interesting book reviews? Well, they're here. I hope that, indeed, they've turned out to be interesting:

Also, the page about the wiki's purpose has been improved and extended, including links to three new pages with more in-depth explanations.

I want to close this transmission by telling you about the most interesting addition that P.P. has made since the last status update: Eating from the Forbidden Fruit is a draft for a new article that has never been published anywhere before. Enjoy. :-)

Prices going up or Dollar going down

The Dollar isn't doing very well. Everybody will have noticed that it's decreasing in value very rapidly. The Federal Reserve is inserting billions of dollars trying to prevent the system from collapsing, but are they really doing us a favor? The simple answer is no. Creating more more out of thin air, because that is what they do; they print it, devaluates the Dollar. And this isn't going to last.

For now, the decrease in value of the Dollar seems beneficial for people living in Europe, for example, because one Euro buys more and more Dollars, but in the long run, if the Dollar falls, the Euro will too. In part because the Euro is based on the same paper money as the Dollar.

Awareness of this money crisis is important, because it's causing you to loose your freedom. In the US, it's becoming more and more common to need two jobs to make a living. Where I live, the Netherlands, you used to be able to support a family with one middle-class income. That's not possible anymore.

You may want to consider investing in gold, silver, or other similar natural resources. I've started to consider it.

I'll let presidential candidate Ron Paul explain it in detail, which he does much better than I:

And again in Congres:

Take control of your money back. Gold certificates (our money) is supposed to keep the government in check, not the other way around.


Towards the end of January, I had done the bulk of the work on adding Towards a Cognition-Energy-Learning Mode to the wiki. So it was about time to finish the job. This also means I now get to up the progress bar from 37 to 60 percent. That'll make me smile any day, :-D even at 5 am in the morning. ;-)

You must love the ASCII-art tables, some of which I managed to restore from the source documents:

Survey of action-control and action-involvement

Oh. Wiki-user Baby Boy is working on some book reviews from the Omega perspective. I'll keep you posted on what happens in that area.

For the rest, I only performed some minor house-keeping tasks. Nothing interesting there.

Humanity Lobotomy – The Importance of Net Neutrality

In the early days, radio used to be a two-way communication system. Radio communication played a part in social, religious and political dialogs between people. Later, big corporations like NBC and CBS produced 97% of nighttime broadcasting in the United States; all courtesy of the Federal Communications Commission. We cannot let them do the same to the internet.

Rap with a message

It seems two high profile Dutch rappers, Lange Frans en Baas B, have enough of the lies of our government. This song came as a complete surprise to me. What they're rapping about is "old news" for me, but the release of this song was very unexpected, and is a very welcome sign of the people waking up.

George Carlin about religion

On a blog about self-actualization and freedom from power structures, etc, I can't withhold you this very good piece by George Carlin about religion:

Push the limits

Besides making good music, Enigma also writes meaningful lyrics. A quote from "Push the Limits", from the album "The Screen Behind the Mirror", by Enigma:

Don't submit to stupid rules
Be yourself and not a fool.
Don't accept average habits
Open your heart and push the limits.

The irony of this is, that while most people agree with this, they don't really understand it or put it into practice. This was true for me personally as well. It's all too easy to accept consensus reality without a second thought. But this consensus reality is often misleading and it can be hard to oppose it, mostly because of social reasons.

Anyway, my suggestion for today is: read the quote again and apply it. Allow your doubts to float to the surface and express them, because I know those doubts are there.

Ron Paul: Going the Distance

Here I am again with a message about Ron Paul. He asks not to give up, even though election victories are already practically claimed, prematurely of course. He also wants to organize a march to Washington D.C., to give the media something they can't ignore, like they usually do.

Take a look at this campaign update.

And learn more about the revolution march.

Erin Pavlina about the law of attraction

Steve Pavlina has a very extensive weblog about personal development, called "Personal Development for Smart People". While browsing it, I found a podcast by his wife, about how to use the law of attraction. Knowing about the law of attraction and really understanding it are two completely different things, so I advise you to listen; perhaps you'll learn something new.

I don't know for sure if the law of attraction really works (who can...), but because it has been taught by spiritual teachers throughout time, there has to be some merit to it. Enough reason for me to do a lot of research on it, anyway. This podcast is a quick introduction, or the trigger you may need to really understand it, so I thought it'd be a good thing to mention it.