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The wiki is slowly waking up

10 days ago, I told you that we'd soon be adding some more meat to the wiki. And we did; we added something.

Someone added a General disclaimer (which I personally think may be just a tad extreme). An excerpt:

  • This site may cause severe cases of cognitive dissonance and possibly psychotic states.
  • Taking note of the information of this site may cause irreparable disruption of your social life.

Suuuure… :roll: Psychotic states, you say? Maybe, if I have to transcribe another one of these lengthy articles. 8-O

The same someone also added something of an About page. It's not much yet, but it's a start.

And, of course, in case anyone would forget, an article on The significance of the Point Omega transition.

Myself, I finally finished transcribing The evolutionary stability of a bi-stable system of emotions and motivations in species with an open-ended capacity for learning (a lengthy name for a lengthy article). For months the article sported a notice:

This text is in the process of being copied over from paper. Please be patient while this monkey is typing text.

Typing the monkey did. And figuring out how to do Harvard citations somewhat correctly using MediaWiki (the software running the Wiki). And painstakingly redoing figures using Inkscape and The Gimp.

Reversal system of antagonistic motivations
Complex figures and tables such as this figure took me quite some time to copy, even with the help of Inscape and The Gimp.

The notice is gone and I've bumped the Research On-line progress bar up from 9 to 12%.

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