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Why I believe that we’re accelerating towards Point Omega

I'm probably naive and you might call me a dreamer, but I believe that our society is getting closer to Point Omega, a point were social and environmental harmony is the rule rather than the exception.

My dream is rooted in reality for the very simple reason that it's your dream as well. At the end of the day you also just want to feel good. And, it's easier to feel good if we're not both trying to make each other feel miserable. That's why, eventually, we'll get along just fine. We just need to want to feel good, which is as natural as breathing, except we wouldn't breath if it didn't feel so good. :-D

Ubuntu Linux circle of friends

I mean: if this was the official login screen of a popular Linux distribution even a few years ago, what can we expect for the future? …

Ubuntu Linux - Very friendly circle of friends

Ubuntu Linux - Very round circle of friends

I extend a very warm welcome to this future!

Tags: self-actualization, social harmony

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