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43 Things is “one of those things”

I like 43 Things. Actually, I love 43 Things. 43 Things is a website to help you realize your dreams. And, with over a million users, there is usually someone who will help you too, with advice and simple encouragement.

Those who know me know that I like sleeping — a lot. Like so many people, I spend a great chunk of my life dreaming. I've always been slightly fascinated by lucid dreams—dreams during which you're aware that you're dreaming. I had only ever knowingly experienced these when I was fifteenish. But, from Castaneda's works I had gathered that you could learn to have such dreams at will and to really control them. Nevertheless, my attempts to put this into practice only caused me frustration. It wasn't until after joining 43 Things that, for the first time, I got some real progress on lucid dreaming.

Keeping track of my progress in lucid dreaming on 43 Things

When you take a look at the people on 43 Things who want to lucid dream, you'll notice that there are quite a few of them (504 at the time of this writing). There are also, at the time of this writing, 214 people who have already done this. Among these 214, there are always some who are willing to help you attain lucidity in your dreams. Or, maybe you'll get all the answers you need just from reading on others' experiences. From the tip of another user, I learned of a great book on lucid dreaming. So far, this book has helped me to induce some great lucid dreams; actually, succeeding with this book took me less effort than failing without it.

Lucid dreaming isn't the most popular goal. There are countless goals on the site and there are many ways to explore them. There's the zeitgeist, you can search or navigate the user-defined tags. Else, you can create your own unique goals, although that might make sharing experiences and asking for help a bit of a lonely affair.

Popular tags on 43 Things

As you can see, there are many topics to explore, and fun is the keyword. And fun is what I'd like you to have, and so, I'm sure, would the founders of 43 Things. So, go on and have some fun! :-D

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