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A successful seminar at the Humaniversity

I'm recovering from an emotional—lots of love with little sleep!—stay at Osho's Humaniversity in Egmond aan Zee. Popko was there to teach a seminar on the scientific likelihood of Point Omega and I jumped at the opportunity to enjoy the great—yes, truly great!—hospitality of Veeresh and his band of friends at their beautiful mansion in the dunes.

Popko's seminar was successful; his idea's being very well-received. In two days time, he managed to tread a lot of ground including some territory which is not yet exposed on the Point Omega Wiki [a situation which we will amend soon—sooner if you encourage us a little].

We were very pleasantly surprised by the general openness towards these materials. The idea of a Point Omega racing towards us seemed in no way contradictory to the open minds of the Humaniversity staff and many staff members felt inspired to explore their own telic/paratelic learning dynamics. Here's to hoping that this new information will somehow lead to even more effective training, even if only because of a staff that'll manage to speed up their own self-actualization process!

On the effectiveness of their training: I had the pleasure of participating in their AUM meditation. Having actually been there ten years ago on their Tan-Ju youth program, I was a little bit familiar with this meditation, although I had forgotten about most of the specifics. Specifically, it's a very powerful meditation! How powerful it really is can be only be experienced by personal participation. Myself, I've spend over a year with the sensation that, even having cleaned up a lot of intellectual and emotional garbage, actually taking out the collected garbage seemed impossible on my own. Luckily, I didn't have to, not after the AUM. In the collective dancing, yelling, hugging, jumping, shaking, freaking, crying and laughing, the rest of the group helped me to carry the garbage out.

(There's not much that I can say about the AUM in general what hasn't already been mentioned on the Humaniversity website, so I'll stick with what the AUM meant to me personally.)

After the AUM, I felt exhausted, emotionally and physically—exhausted in a very good way, but still I was happy to be able to retreat to the warmth and support of a beautiful girl with whom I very much connected and felt at peace with, instead of having to face a lonely night in a cold bed after two-and-a-half hour of so much emotion and just general motion. Gratitude is a small word for the amount of tension which I was able to release in meditation, but I'll use it nevertheless with a few additions to make it a little more accurate: I'm filled to the brim with gratitude for the group's effort to let me loose, to make my inner monkey scream and dance. And I brim over if I think of the lovely person whose strokes made the night flow gently into the day.

The only thing I feel bad about regarding the few days among these loving people is that I haven't remembered a single new name. And normally I'm not even bad at names! Whether it was the short night before we drove there on Tuesday, the unfamiliarity of all the Sanyassin names, or the general emotional confusion, I don't know… but, with or without names attached, if I close my eyes, I see loving faces with appreciating eyes, I hear friendly voices speaking words of love, I feel warm bodies holding me firmly or touching me gently and I sense the gratitude and acceptation coming from open hearts. :-) And—Ah! Oh yes!—I see monkeys dancing! Dance on, monkeys! Dance on!

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