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Those of you who are following this weblog know that some of the academic meat of the Point Omega Research can already be found on our wiki. Wiki is an Hawaiian word meaning quick (because editing a wiki is quick and easy). Quick and easy… I'm afraid this quickness doesn't apply to digitizing figures or converting and reformatting ancient WordPerfect 4.2 text files. (On the upside, actually having the original text files now means that at least I won't have to manually transcribe entire manuscripts again.)

On this blog, we've been keeping a progress bar to register how much of Popko's research has been added to the wiki so far. In the six months since my last progress report, it gradually changed from 12 to 21 percent. Now, after a rush of recent changes, I've bumped it up to 37 percent. So, what changes happened during the last 6 months?

The information about the subject and the scope of the wiki has been extended and improved.

Baby Boy has managed to given a taste to the disclaimer that's even more alarming. (Interesting excerpt: We do not accept responsibility for loss of mind and soul.) Congratulations, Baby Boy! I had no idea that I ran the risk of losing my soul while working on the wiki.

It's not just meta information which we added, though. There's actual research and research implications too. Most interesting is perhaps a summary of point omega. Go read it now!

At Point Omega, enlightenment will manifest on a massive, global scale. What enlightenment does and does not entail is the subject of another article.

Today, to justify a progress jump of 16 percent, I finished formatting a copy of the second complete scientific publication which we republished on the wiki. After many hours of alternating between editing vectors and editing the wiki text, this copy now has all the proper layout with figures and tables included. The original is a draft which has been published in the Heymansbulletin of the State University Groningen with a familiarly longish title: Energy and Strokes: how the quality of social relationships influences the process of learning and individual development. In the copy on the wiki, someone is also working on improving the sometimes shabby English of the original article.

Energy and Strokes - Figure 1.6
While I was redoing one of the figures in Inkscape, my vector editor, I thought it'd be nice to add some colour to it.

If we will continue progress at this pace, we might even finish making our prediction before the predicted takes place.

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