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Prices going up or Dollar going down

The Dollar isn't doing very well. Everybody will have noticed that it's decreasing in value very rapidly. The Federal Reserve is inserting billions of dollars trying to prevent the system from collapsing, but are they really doing us a favor? The simple answer is no. Creating more more out of thin air, because that is what they do; they print it, devaluates the Dollar. And this isn't going to last.

For now, the decrease in value of the Dollar seems beneficial for people living in Europe, for example, because one Euro buys more and more Dollars, but in the long run, if the Dollar falls, the Euro will too. In part because the Euro is based on the same paper money as the Dollar.

Awareness of this money crisis is important, because it's causing you to loose your freedom. In the US, it's becoming more and more common to need two jobs to make a living. Where I live, the Netherlands, you used to be able to support a family with one middle-class income. That's not possible anymore.

You may want to consider investing in gold, silver, or other similar natural resources. I've started to consider it.

I'll let presidential candidate Ron Paul explain it in detail, which he does much better than I:

And again in Congres:

Take control of your money back. Gold certificates (our money) is supposed to keep the government in check, not the other way around.

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  1. Posted March 18, 2008 at 9:25 pm | Permalink

    I haven’t finished viewing the videos yet (partly because the first one suffers horrible sound quality :( ), but I’m having trouble catching onto the point. I mean: what do you want to say by posting these videos? I know that Ron Paul is a proponent of the abolishment of fiat currency and the Federal Reserve and I know that you’re a proponent of Ron Paul, but how does this relate to the Omega Point? I can pull some (fictional) relations out of my own arse, but please pull some out of yours instead. ;-)

    At this point, to me, this post looks very much like saying: the Dollar is being devalued, which is scary and should frighten (or at least worry) you. It doesn’t. One reason is that your reasoning is done in a manner which I know is often criticized if so performed by big government, media or business: first you indicate that something bad is going to happen, then you say that awareness of this badness is important because … it’s costing me my freedom. So, what should I do? Buy freedom fries? Vote Ron Paul because I’m scared shitless? Even though I might actually agree with the issues you (or Ron Paul) are putting forward, your post reads like the typical political marketing FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) which I’m in the habit of ignoring on principle.

    Would the problem (and its solution) be too complicated to describe here? Maybe you can also promote the solution in your own words. If I’m guessing right, this is all about the people in power not wanting to loose their power and the rest of the people becoming better informed and voting in a way that will actually empower The People. If this is so, I can also relate this to Point Omega.

    Don’t be discouraged by my criticisms; I’m confident that we can make our usually interesting discussions even more alive by carrying them forward under public scrutiny. :-) And I know that you’re never shy for an informative reply.

  2. Posted March 19, 2008 at 1:15 am | Permalink

    Perhaps I’ve been connecting too many dots that are not directly clear. And because of this, the sense that a problem is growing may not be based on a list of facts I know by heart, but also an instinctive sense.

    You will most likely not “believe” what I’m gonna say, partly because I’m going to express it in extreme conspiracy theory style (not specifically my opinion), but in short, it’s this:

    “The New World order wants a one-world government with a one-world currency. To do that, they know that the dollar, and possibly other currencies, need to fall.”

    Over the past centuries, bankers have gained control of the money supply of a great many countries and replaced it by a privately owned fiat currency. The Federal Reserve has to know the end result of what they’re doing when inserting large amounts of money into the system: the rich gain (if not for the injections, a great many banks would have gone bankrupt) and the poor suffer.

    This money system has created societies where everybody finds it completely normal to work their ass off to make a hardly decent living. And it’s getting worse. The generation of baby boomers had/have it much better than the generation after them. This is not conspircay theory, this is simple fact. Just look at what I mentioned about not being able to make a living for one family with one income.

    I’m not sure if there is such a thing as “The New World Order”, but I do know there is intention behind it. One has a choice to believe this “conspiracy stuff” or not, but I am at a point where not believing the intent behind it because “I don’t believe there such stuff could be organized or done”, or “people aren’t that cruel”, is lying to myself. After reading and seeing all the reports about what’s happening, after connecting the dots, I can only maintain the opinion that at least some control and intent is behind all this.

    As for it being relevant to point Omega, I have to admit that I wasn’t sure whether to post it or not, but I chose to do it because the march to mass enlightenment cannot happen when the entire population is enslaved through an economic system.

    Solution? Get rid of the privately owned money supply of your nation. Can you do that yourself? No. You need leaders that do it. Leaders are (still) chosen by the public in our country, so a mass of people aware of this problem can be quite beneficial. When creating that awareness, I have to mention why I think it’s important. How would I have done that without “fear-mongering”.

    As for that FUD fear-mongering writing style; I’m just telling the truth, at least, the truth as perceived by me. I can leave out the fear-mongering part, but that would mean that I’m not conveying the importance of the issue. But anyway, my intention was not to induce fear, but to create motivation for people to investigate the matter more.

    As for not worrying about this because it’s FUD, while I also admire that attitude, and usually abide by it when done by the media etc, I also think that ignoring this issue is like putting your head in the sand. You could also apply the law of attraction on it, by not spending thoughts on these “negative vibes”, but because someone has to take action, that is kind of an infantile trust that Uncle Sam (and others) knows best. Besides, perhaps people like me, or better, Ron Paul, being active in this area, is a result of other people applying the law of attraction on it, whether intentional or unintentional :)

    I hope I justified my post enough, but I would have thought that your guess about my intention wasn’t that hard:

    If I’m guessing right, this is all about the people in power not wanting to loose their power and the rest of the people becoming better informed and voting in a way that will actually empower The People. If this is so, I can also relate this to Point Omega.

    Man, did I write that much?

  3. Posted March 19, 2008 at 3:19 am | Permalink

    Well, actually I didn’t take offense to the point of view which you chose for your posting. I realize that my point of view might have come as a bit of a cold shower because from our many private conversations on this topic you might readily deduce that I share your POV (which broadly do on this topic). What made me nervous about your post was that it lacked context to that point of view; it neither introduced the issue at hand very well, nor did it place it within the context of the Point Omega theory, which to me would have enhanced its value. Indeed, I think your posting does have relevance to Point Omega but not in the way that you seem to think.

    I think that the monetary revolution which Ron Paul is promoting is inevitable in the same way that I believe in the inevitability of Point Omega. And this is not some kind of new-age make-believe. The whole point of this project is to offer a display of hard scientific data which points unquestionably in the direction of an Omega Point. We, as a humanity, simply have no choice but to change direction, so we will. Either that or everything that we’ve learned about evolution is wrong. So when you say that you chose to do it because the march to mass enlightenment cannot happen when the entire population is enslaved through an economic system, I just want to shout: It will happen! In fact, it is already happening. And there’s nothing any banker can do to stop it (short of blowing up the planet). The most the can do is to slow it down, a little bit, in the same way that you can speed it up, much more than they can slow it down. Your impact is deeper because you’re only starting to build up momentum while they’re starting to run out of it.

    So, I’m really not concerned whether Ron Paul is going to be the next president of the U.S. or not. Someone like him will be, soon enough. And you sharing such information with the world is only going to make it sooner. So keep up the good work, but don’t worry if you (or others, like me) don’t. We’re not that important to these changes.

    I hope that these ramblings clarify what I mean when I speak of the Point Omega perspective. If you take notice of the research in the wiki and of Popko’s Point Omega theory (which pulls these research results together for an accurate prediction of things to come), you’ll see that my faith in Point Omega is not so different from the faith you display when you believe that dropping a coin will make it fall down. The Law of Attraction doesn’t even enter the equation, partly because Popko limited his research to easily verifiable scientific data. But, maybe, if the Law of Attraction works as advertised, this science-induced faith in our future will speed things up a bit. ;-)

  4. Posted March 19, 2008 at 3:20 am | Permalink

    Gee, we’re verbose… :?

  5. Posted March 20, 2008 at 12:42 am | Permalink

    What has me kind of worried, is that in the past, the control of the U.S. money supply has changed back and forth from private to government controlled, and that the system currently in place, the privately owned Federal Reserve, is the one which has lasted the longest of them all. So, instead of their influence decreasing, it seems to be increasing.

    You say that mass enlightenment will happen, but I also see control structures coming into place which might be an unavoidable obstacle. For example, why is FEMA building hundreds of huge prison camps throughout the united states (project Endgame)? Why does the president have totalitarian powers by written law, why don’t U.S. citizens have Habeas Corpus anymore (military commissions act)? What about the Civilian Inmate Labor Program? And then all the laws which compromise more and more privacy, such as biometric identification ID cards…

    Granted, I have not read all the Omega research, but I doubt that could take my worries away.

    But, in the end, it was all about my original post and the context in which I put it. You said:

    The whole point of this project is to offer a display of hard scientific data which points unquestionably in the direction of an Omega Point.

    Does that mean the context should have been, in your opinion, like “See, awareness of the monetary problem is growing; we’re gaining momentum as a people.”? I don’t know if that kind of passive good news works for me. People have to take action, at least, that’s how I see it, and to do that, they need to be motivated.

    BTW, I only mentioned the law of attraction because I know you prefer to avoid “bad vibes” and concentrate on the good. And the way I wrote my post, could be considered as a negative approach, which will attract more of it.

    (I hope I got all the references right. For a more complete source, see this dutch article, titled “Kampen en kisten, connecting the dots” (camps, coffins and connecting the dots).

  6. PP
    Posted June 25, 2008 at 3:15 am | Permalink

    Interesting and educated discussion.
    Apart from the possibly to be expected Omega developments, I see 3 other interesting aspects to this US-Dollar thing.
    One is the big spending on wars of the USA these days. Spending too much too fast, surpassing net national productivity, inescapably produces inflation. This might be a temporary effect, ending once the military adventures have been voted down and brought back to normal volumes.
    The second is the development of large third world countries like China and India speeding up these days very rapidly. This simply means that more people wish to take part in consuming the resources of the world and do have the technical tools to do that. Real third world countries have no industries of their own and cannot take part in harvesting and processing of national and international resources, because you need a well oiled social machinery for it (including all the required slave labour). The Chinese and the Hindustani people, as well as various east Asian peoples, are now joining the race, so we in the west have to share with more competitors, whereas the amount of the resources does not grow with the same speed or in many cases are running out (like oil). So, we need to sweat more for the same amount of wealth. However, this effect works equally on the Euro as it does on the dollar.
    The third is the emergence of the Euro block, where efficiency is increasing quite rapidly and where the costs of maintaining a highly repressive system as in the USA is much lower, which broad repression decreases the average efficiency. So, those are reasons for the Euro to do structurally better than the dollar. And that effect is probably going to last longer.
    Another remark (#4) I would like to make is that in thinking about conspiracies, the tendency is to ascribe too much intelligence to human beings. What happens more often is the result of impersonal blind economic and social mechanisms, running according to their own structural laws. The people that we like to think of as “in charge” in general have very little real power. They are in general just the spokesmen of the impersonal systems in charge. That’s what they are being paid for. If they don’t speak the group-talk of the system, they don’t make a career and you never will hear of them.
    Remark #5:
    I think this has rather little bearing on the Omega transition.
    Omega will among other things trigger a more even distribution of wealth. So, we in the west will have to step down in relative wealth considerably (US$ and Euro lower). On the other hand, later on the efficiency of all activities in the world can increase easily 10- or 20-fold if not much more. Besides, after Omega we can stop wasting 95 % of our energy on bullshit and war and genocide and economic strangling techniques, aiming at getting a slghtly bigger chunk of the pie than the neighbour. So, who cares ?

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