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Status update

It has been a solid eight months since my last status-update. At the time, I bumped the progress bar up to 60 percent. Now, I took it to eighty because—well—because we've added more stuff to the wiki.

I'll start with the changes I made. My most recent accomplishment is that I "finished" digitizing The biological instability of social equilibria. You can safely say that this article's digitization has taken a while. It started last year, on November 6, transcribing it by hand if memory serves. I did find some assorted versions among the copies of all the old floppy disks, but none of them matches the print version that was published as a chapter in Van der Dennen's Evolutionary perspectives on competition, cooperation, violence and warfare. Then, nothing happened for a while because I was easily discouraged from copying everything by hand as I had done before. Eventually, Popko asked Hans van der Dennen if maybe he still had a digital version that did match. He didn't, but he sent us a few decent OCR scan instead. Throughout July and August I copy pasted the rest of the text from the scans and made the usal efforts to recover the layout in the wiki version. But, I stalled a bit on the figures. I finally added them on the 13th and 14th of November. I eventually had to recreate them all in a vector program, because, like before, my attempts to scan them turned out like shit.

Something both me and Baby Boy spent some time on is begging you for money, the idea behind this being that your money will enable the Foundation to do interesting things (I guess). Throw us a dime and see what happens. ;-)

Baby Boy has done a lot of other things. Remember that back in March I announced that he was working on some interesting book reviews? Well, they're here. I hope that, indeed, they've turned out to be interesting:

Also, the page about the wiki's purpose has been improved and extended, including links to three new pages with more in-depth explanations.

I want to close this transmission by telling you about the most interesting addition that P.P. has made since the last status update: Eating from the Forbidden Fruit is a draft for a new article that has never been published anywhere before. Enjoy. :-)

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