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New collective beliefs

In my view we need new collective beliefs that will replace our old obsolete beliefs. See my post 'Freedom?'.

We're all just monkeys.

We are just like other primates in our behaviour, instincts and emotions. The only difference is that we have cultivated the illusion that we are different from and even better than other animals.

The viewpoint that we are just monkeys will give us better understanding and greater acceptance of our own and others' behaviour. It will give us a totally different way of looking at matters of social, cultural and psychological concern. As in; We try to give animals in a zoo the best circumstances for them to express their natural behaviour, why can't we do this for us naked apes?

There is no such thing as free will.

And why we can't decide what to want.

The belief that there is such a thing as free will is the root of a lot of frustration and pain in our species. If not the root of all evil. ;) Everything from ideological wars to frustration about bad habits stems from this illusion which probably arose in a time when we started getting the idea that there is a difference between good and bad beliefs. This belief is really helpful to keep us enslaved in oppressive communities because it will make you feel guilty for things you do and don't.

Our behaviour comes from a mixture of biological instincts, emotions and, in us humans, beliefs. The only control you have over your own behaviour is like the control you have over your body when you need to relief yourselves, you can hold it up for a while...

What we should spend our energy on is freeing our will. The whole mixture of factors which make up our behaviour focus in what I would call our inner compass or will. This will is not the make belief 'decision making free will' as we normally see it, it is nothing more than that which you would like to do, be, have or whatever at any given moment. It's the things, places, people, situations or activities to which you are automatically drawn.

The less energy we spend on trying to behave differently from what comes to us naturally the more it becomes clear what we actually want.

There is only behaviour, which is good nor bad.

Because we have no free will it is ridiculous to think about certain behaviour as good or bad. There's only behaviour; some of it is socially accepted in one's community and some is not. Why the majority of people in a community exhibit socially accepted behaviour is because we are social animals. For social animals to behave in a way that isn't accepted by their community equals exertion which equals certain death.

This is why prisons don't work. Crossing the line of socially accepted behaviour is accompanied by fear of death, but when a person does cross this line and ends up in prison, he will meet a whole new community by which he will be accepted. After which the fear of exertion is eradicated for good.

We are GOOD!

We are hardwired to be socially responsible persons. We all have a biological need for emotionally satisfying relationships. We all need moments to feel community, sympathy and leadership. Emotions like anger and placidity like pride, shame, modesty and humiliation like gratitude, guilt, virtue and resentment they all come and go in an ongoing emotional exchange between people. If we stopped thinking altogether and forgot about all our values, we would still have emotionally satisfying relationships with each other simply BECAUSE WE LIKE IT LIKE THAT.

No one willingly chooses not be loved to be evil or to be an outcast. If this happens this person probably learned to repress even the most basic instincts that make us social animals, he didn't learn to express and exchange them in a mutual rewarding manner.

Being used to trying to have total control over our behaviour, allowing ourselves to express our animal instincts feels irresponsible at least and terrifying more commonly. However we don't have to be afraid that our natural tendency to be bad and do bad things will take over if we stop trying to be good humans. We will just gain more awareness of our actual social instincts which automatically urge us to display our most satisfying behaviour.

Health equals Happiness

Happiness is the experience of our human needs being satisfied. Health is the description of our human needs being satisfied for so long that it shows.

If we understand our human needs we can design our world and our institutions to fit them instead of pressing people to repress and deny them, which stimulates unhealthy behaviour and feelings of misery. We can design our culture in ways that enable and support people to satisfy their needs without undesirable consequences. We are perfectly capable, for instance, of having sex anytime we like without having another baby every 9 - 10 months... well some of us are anyway. :)

The more we allow ourselves to follow our animal instincts which by nature tend to healthy behaviour the more happiness we will experience. The more happiness we experience the more healthy we get and the more healthy we get the more we are capable of satisfying our needs and being happy about it, the more happy... well you probably get my point.

More to come:

  • Learn the most by doing what you like best... (For now, see the wiki if you want to learn more about this.)
  • You get what you imagine (and there's too much of it to handle)...
  • They are the way you think they are (and they feel the same about you)...

Why I believe that we’re accelerating towards Point Omega

I'm probably naive and you might call me a dreamer, but I believe that our society is getting closer to Point Omega, a point were social and environmental harmony is the rule rather than the exception.

My dream is rooted in reality for the very simple reason that it's your dream as well. At the end of the day you also just want to feel good. And, it's easier to feel good if we're not both trying to make each other feel miserable. That's why, eventually, we'll get along just fine. We just need to want to feel good, which is as natural as breathing, except we wouldn't breath if it didn't feel so good. :-D

Ubuntu Linux circle of friends

I mean: if this was the official login screen of a popular Linux distribution even a few years ago, what can we expect for the future? …

Ubuntu Linux - Very friendly circle of friends

Ubuntu Linux - Very round circle of friends

I extend a very warm welcome to this future!

Upgraded the weblog

Phew! I just finished upgrading the software that runs this weblog. For the technically curious, we're now running WordPress 2.2.3. For the non-technically-curious, this shouldn't make any difference at all.

The wiki is slowly waking up

10 days ago, I told you that we'd soon be adding some more meat to the wiki. And we did; we added something.

Someone added a General disclaimer (which I personally think may be just a tad extreme). An excerpt:

  • This site may cause severe cases of cognitive dissonance and possibly psychotic states.
  • Taking note of the information of this site may cause irreparable disruption of your social life.

Suuuure… :roll: Psychotic states, you say? Maybe, if I have to transcribe another one of these lengthy articles. 8-O

The same someone also added something of an About page. It's not much yet, but it's a start.

And, of course, in case anyone would forget, an article on The significance of the Point Omega transition.

Myself, I finally finished transcribing The evolutionary stability of a bi-stable system of emotions and motivations in species with an open-ended capacity for learning (a lengthy name for a lengthy article). For months the article sported a notice:

This text is in the process of being copied over from paper. Please be patient while this monkey is typing text.

Typing the monkey did. And figuring out how to do Harvard citations somewhat correctly using MediaWiki (the software running the Wiki). And painstakingly redoing figures using Inkscape and The Gimp.

Reversal system of antagonistic motivations
Complex figures and tables such as this figure took me quite some time to copy, even with the help of Inscape and The Gimp.

The notice is gone and I've bumped the Research On-line progress bar up from 9 to 12%.

Upgraded the wiki

Yesterday, I've upgraded the MediaWiki software that runs the Point Omega Research wiki.

The coming weeks, we might also add some new content to the wiki. Hopefully, we will manage to bump up the progress bar a few percents. We'll keep you updated of what progress we make.


Sanity and insanity are only separated by a gray area of incomprehension.

And a wiki too

Since yesterday, there's a wiki too. A wiki (a la Wikipedia) is a website which anyone can edit. Now, the Wiki is quite empty yet, but, given enough time, we will put all the Omega Research on-line. I've also added a progress-bar to the right of this blog which indicates how much of the research has been put on-line so far.

Go check it out!


Some people say that we are basically free and that we just have to realize this fact to be free.

I disagree. To me this is just a philosophical concept. In our reality as social animals we are caged by our culture and its (collective) beliefs. The belief that we are more than just mammals, that we are the pinnacle of evolution and the king of all animals and thus the heirs of our planet and all that lives on it.

These and many other beliefs keep us caught up in behavioral patterns which are harmful to us and our planet instead of helping us realize our full potential as man. Behavioral patterns that will ultimately destroy us, our planet and especially our culture.

However I do see a positive side to our self proclaimed role as masters of the earth. We do have the power, unlike any other species, to decide what will happen to us and our planet.

But our patterns only change if our collective beliefs change. Our collective beliefs only change when they have lost grip on us. They only lose grip on us when they are replaced with different beliefs that become our new collective beliefs.

Free Monkey

Towards the Omega point

Currently, the collective behaviors of the human animal are directed towards large scale destruction and catastrophe. At the same time, there's a growing group of people who are more or less aware of our world's problems and the dangerous straight-jacket of our Mother Culture. The Omega Point theory, then, states that most of the misery and misfortune that has so direly affected the human species for the last ten thousand years has been brought upon us by biological and social mechanisms which are, one by one, all on the verge of collapse. Due to the on-going collapse of these mechanisms, more and more people are freeing themselves from the repressive straight-jacket of our Mother Culture. Knowingly or unknowingly, these self-actualizers are infecting others, some of whom, in turn, also manage to get free from our culture's destructive ideals. The Omega point, then, is a tipping point situated in humanity's near future when enough people have been freed to cause a large-scale shift in any other direction.

If this sounds an awful lot like the New Age predicted by many of our not so very scientific thinkers, that would be because some of the ideas are indeed very similar. We, of the Omega Research Foundation, predict that, indeed, we will be entering a new age within the coming decade or so. What makes our claims unique—no, even explosive—is that we back our claims with a mechanical world view. And even though we disagree among ourselves whether a mechanical world view is any way correct, we realize that the only manner to practice science is by making your claims verifiable. By refraining from waxing on about fun but vague subjects such as astrology, tarot and intuition beyond the scientific realm, we believe we can offer some real, solid insight into where we are and where we're going as a species.

And we have a lot of good news! So keep an eye on this blog and your eyes might yet be opened. :-)