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We welcome a new writer to this weblog

Tonight, we welcomed a new writer who will contribute to this blog. Halfgaar (an on-line alias which would translate to as much as "half-baked" in English) is a passionate engineer who builds software, audio equipment and 3D models for fun. Some software he builds also for money. That's what his bachelor degree is for. [...]

Upgraded the weblog again

I've just gone from WordPress 2.2.3 to WordPress 2.3.1. WordPress is the software running this weblog. Why I'm telling you this? If you've got to ask, you're not the one I'm telling this to.

Upgraded the weblog

Phew! I just finished upgrading the software that runs this weblog. For the technically curious, we're now running WordPress 2.2.3. For the non-technically-curious, this shouldn't make any difference at all.

Towards the Omega point

Currently, the collective behaviors of the human animal are directed towards large scale destruction and catastrophe. At the same time, there's a growing group of people who are more or less aware of our world's problems and the dangerous straight-jacket of our Mother Culture. The Omega Point theory, then, states that most of the misery [...]