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We’re all just monkeys

We're just a bunch of monkeys. That's the message of Ernest Cline in this clip: Like it? You can reread the words to the clip or download the MP3 version on the comedian's website. Relatedly, on the topic of our ape ancestry, I want to share another clip with you: [...]

New collective beliefs

In my view we need new collective beliefs that will replace our old obsolete beliefs. See my post 'Freedom?'. We're all just monkeys. We are just like other primates in our behaviour, instincts and emotions. The only difference is that we have cultivated the illusion that we are different from and even better than other animals. The viewpoint that we [...]


Some people say that we are basically free and that we just have to realize this fact to be free. I disagree. To me this is just a philosophical concept. In our reality as social animals we are caged by our culture and its (collective) beliefs. The belief that we are more than just mammals, that we are the pinnacle [...]