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Humanity Lobotomy – The Importance of Net Neutrality

In the early days, radio used to be a two-way communication system. Radio communication played a part in social, religious and political dialogs between people. Later, big corporations like NBC and CBS produced 97% of nighttime broadcasting in the United States; all courtesy of the Federal Communications Commission. We cannot let them do the same [...]

Rap with a message

It seems two high profile Dutch rappers, Lange Frans en Baas B, have enough of the lies of our government. This song came as a complete surprise to me. What they're rapping about is "old news" for me, but the release of this song was very unexpected, and is a very welcome sign of the [...]

Ron Paul: Going the Distance

Here I am again with a message about Ron Paul. He asks not to give up, even though election victories are already practically claimed, prematurely of course. He also wants to organize a march to Washington D.C., to give the media something they can't ignore, like they usually do. Take a look at this campaign [...]

The Ron Paul revolution

When talking about the evolution of human consciousness and the Omega revolution, an important aspect is (world) politics. Ever since the beginning, western democracies are not much more than glorified dictatorships. These democracies are not about what the people want, but about using propaganda to let the people accept the regime; and when they think [...]