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Prices going up or Dollar going down

The Dollar isn't doing very well. Everybody will have noticed that it's decreasing in value very rapidly. The Federal Reserve is inserting billions of dollars trying to prevent the system from collapsing, but are they really doing us a favor? The simple answer is no. Creating more more out of thin air, because that is [...]

Ron Paul: Going the Distance

Here I am again with a message about Ron Paul. He asks not to give up, even though election victories are already practically claimed, prematurely of course. He also wants to organize a march to Washington D.C., to give the media something they can't ignore, like they usually do. Take a look at this campaign [...]

The Ron Paul revolution

When talking about the evolution of human consciousness and the Omega revolution, an important aspect is (world) politics. Ever since the beginning, western democracies are not much more than glorified dictatorships. These democracies are not about what the people want, but about using propaganda to let the people accept the regime; and when they think [...]