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George Carlin about religion

On a blog about self-actualization and freedom from power structures, etc, I can't withhold you this very good piece by George Carlin about religion:

Push the limits

Besides making good music, Enigma also writes meaningful lyrics. A quote from "Push the Limits", from the album "The Screen Behind the Mirror", by Enigma: Don't submit to stupid rules Be yourself and not a fool. Don't accept average habits Open your heart and push the limits. The irony of this is, that while most people [...]

43 Things is “one of those things”

I like 43 Things. Actually, I love 43 Things. 43 Things is a website to help you realize your dreams. And, with over a million users, there is usually someone who will help you too, with advice and simple encouragement. Those who know me know that I like sleeping — a lot. Like so many people, [...]

Why I believe that we’re accelerating towards Point Omega

I'm probably naive and you might call me a dreamer, but I believe that our society is getting closer to Point Omega, a point were social and environmental harmony is the rule rather than the exception. My dream is rooted in reality for the very simple reason that it's your dream as well. At the end [...]

Towards the Omega point

Currently, the collective behaviors of the human animal are directed towards large scale destruction and catastrophe. At the same time, there's a growing group of people who are more or less aware of our world's problems and the dangerous straight-jacket of our Mother Culture. The Omega Point theory, then, states that most of the misery [...]