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Status update

It has been a solid eight months since my last status-update. At the time, I bumped the progress bar up to 60 percent. Now, I took it to eighty because—well—because we've added more stuff to the wiki. I'll start with the changes I made. My most recent accomplishment is that I "finished" digitizing The biological [...]


Towards the end of January, I had done the bulk of the work on adding Towards a Cognition-Energy-Learning Mode to the wiki. So it was about time to finish the job. This also means I now get to up the progress bar from 37 to 60 percent. That'll make me smile any day, [...]

Wiki work

Those of you who are following this weblog know that some of the academic meat of the Point Omega Research can already be found on our wiki. Wiki is an Hawaiian word meaning quick (because editing a wiki is quick and easy). Quick and easy… I'm afraid this quickness doesn't apply to digitizing figures or [...]

The wiki is slowly waking up

10 days ago, I told you that we'd soon be adding some more meat to the wiki. And we did; we added something. Someone added a General disclaimer (which I personally think may be just a tad extreme). An excerpt: This site may cause severe cases of cognitive dissonance and possibly psychotic states. Taking note of the information [...]

Upgraded the wiki

Yesterday, I've upgraded the MediaWiki software that runs the Point Omega Research wiki. The coming weeks, we might also add some new content to the wiki. Hopefully, we will manage to bump up the progress bar a few percents. We'll keep you updated of what progress we make.

And a wiki too

Since yesterday, there's a wiki too. A wiki (a la Wikipedia) is a website which anyone can edit. Now, the Wiki is quite empty yet, but, given enough time, we will put all the Omega Research on-line. I've also added a progress-bar to the right of this blog which indicates how much of the research [...]