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Author Archives: Rowan Rodrik

The Story of Stuff

I've been a fan of Annie Leonard's Story of Stuff for a while. I don't want to spend any more time describing the video, since Annie does a splendid job herself: If you want to verify some of the insane numbers that she throws around: among the resources on her site, there's an Annotated Script with [...]

Status update

It has been a solid eight months since my last status-update. At the time, I bumped the progress bar up to 60 percent. Now, I took it to eighty because—well—because we've added more stuff to the wiki. I'll start with the changes I made. My most recent accomplishment is that I "finished" digitizing The biological [...]


Towards the end of January, I had done the bulk of the work on adding Towards a Cognition-Energy-Learning Mode to the wiki. So it was about time to finish the job. This also means I now get to up the progress bar from 37 to 60 percent. That'll make me smile any day, [...]

We’re all just monkeys

We're just a bunch of monkeys. That's the message of Ernest Cline in this clip: Like it? You can reread the words to the clip or download the MP3 version on the comedian's website. Relatedly, on the topic of our ape ancestry, I want to share another clip with you: [...]

Wiki work

Those of you who are following this weblog know that some of the academic meat of the Point Omega Research can already be found on our wiki. Wiki is an Hawaiian word meaning quick (because editing a wiki is quick and easy). Quick and easy… I'm afraid this quickness doesn't apply to digitizing figures or [...]

We welcome a new writer to this weblog

Tonight, we welcomed a new writer who will contribute to this blog. Halfgaar (an on-line alias which would translate to as much as "half-baked" in English) is a passionate engineer who builds software, audio equipment and 3D models for fun. Some software he builds also for money. That's what his bachelor degree is for. [...]

Study shows measurable effects after five days of meditation

A study published in the October 23, 2007 issue of the PNAS journal describes positive results after as little as five days of meditation practice. The study was conducted by researchers from the Dalian University of Technology in Dalian, China. The subjects were eighty Chinese students with no former meditation experience. 50 percent of the students [...]

A successful seminar at the Humaniversity

I'm recovering from an emotional—lots of love with little sleep!—stay at Osho's Humaniversity in Egmond aan Zee. Popko was there to teach a seminar on the scientific likelihood of Point Omega and I jumped at the opportunity to enjoy the great—yes, truly great!—hospitality of Veeresh and his band of friends at their beautiful mansion in [...]

43 Things is “one of those things”

I like 43 Things. Actually, I love 43 Things. 43 Things is a website to help you realize your dreams. And, with over a million users, there is usually someone who will help you too, with advice and simple encouragement. Those who know me know that I like sleeping — a lot. Like so many people, [...]

Upgraded the weblog again

I've just gone from WordPress 2.2.3 to WordPress 2.3.1. WordPress is the software running this weblog. Why I'm telling you this? If you've got to ask, you're not the one I'm telling this to.